Let me be a part of your team!


Soon a video presentation

"I thank Mr Yusaku Maezawa immensely for offering this extraordinary opportunity to artists"

===> Hello, my name is Manon Moemaers (MAM) <===

I'm a  belgian pianist composer.

Photo : Simon
Gomes Romano
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What's my project today?

Presently, I'm working on my first album, piano solo : "Classical or not? - Colours of Sounds".

I composed all the pieces and the album will be released on september 2019 on the new record label "MaineCoon Records".

"Colours of Sounds" was born from an experience with a psychic person who has the ability to see the colors of sounds. She described what she saw when she listened to me performing one of my pieces. This made me very much interested in the matter and I had the idea of making this experience accessible to the general public.

So I plan to work with a team of scientists, neurologists, psychologists, synesthetists and engineers to create a technology that will make this idea a reality. 

1) First of all, in the coming months I will finalize my album and make a video clip that will show the colors of the sounds. 

2) Then, I will work on this innovative method (a little surprise!) with my team.


3) I plan to work with scientists to research the colors and shapes of sounds that some people can perceive: synesthetes, psychics, autists, blind, deaf, ...

4) And finally, in the long run, I would like to create an education system divided into several levels of study, affordable to the general public on the subject (vibration dimensions, frequencies, colours, shapes, sounds...). 

photo : Vlad vdk
make up : Lila Vander Elst
hairdressing : Robert Smedt (Bob)

MAM : "It’s difficult to put into words, but I believe that there’s a link, a connection, a bond, an energy, that exists between all things, large and small, between the stars and atoms, between all things divinely created"

I also believe that the colors and the shapes of sounds have a connection with the universe, the stars, the planets,... as the "Pythagoreans", for example, have been describing it....   


"We are all connected"

With my work, I'm trying to (re)connect people through the understanding of different perceptions of each. I believe that it can bring more beauty and peace. But I'm only touching the vision of the infinitely small... 


If I could be part of the DearMoon project and experience a trip around the Moon, I would approach "the infinitely large" and maybe I could feel this "link" from this point of view... then put it into my music! 

What a fascinating dimension it would bring to my work!

Here an example of my determination to contribute to peace :

I am the belgian one :)

Demos MAM

Rehearsal at home before an exam (2014)

Clair de Lune - Debussy - Manon Moemaers
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"Classical or not? - Colours of Sounds"

"Liberté"    (Liberty)

"Moon & Sun's Friendship"

Others ... 

"La Danse du Diable"   (The Devil's Dance)

"Fly" - Ludovico Einaudi

I think that Mr Elon Musk likes it XD  ========>

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What I would like to offer:

1) My first album has as its theme "Colours of Sounds".

The second, which will closely follow, will have as its theme: "Shapes of Sounds".

I imagine a 3rd album that would be the culmination, the experience, the knowledge accumulated of the first two: the Union album, the One. I want to create powerful and magical compositions. So what will come out of such wonderful first two albums? 

A trip around the Moon could well be the experience

which would become the essential magical ingredient in this final recipe!

2) I have a lot of imagination, always a lot of ideas... Who knows what kind of inspiration I would have during this space trip? Maybe something new?

music : MAM - "A Starlife"

This is an example of my insatiable imagination : this project is called "Lighten the Heart"

Here is how it works : 

1. Lighten up your heart by expressing your feeling or your secret on this piece of paper, fold it and put it in the box.

2. I commit myself to publish a video on Youtube (here a date) in which I will read all the pieces of paper to all the World.

Here, the completion of the project : 


3) I have a demo title of my electro project "X-ing Stars": "Child's Dream" (duo with my partner Piotr Paluch).

It is about my childhood dream of going into space, about the hope and the strong will to make that dream come true. 

I would like to suggest that I record and photograph the trip with its preparation, launch, experience inside the space shuttle and return, and insert these images for a video clip that would convey the message that everything is possible as long as we do everything, tirelessly, to get there.

Of course this idea is present-day. Maybe I'll have a better idea later as well as a better title?

Demos X-ing Stars

Purple Starlight - X-ing Stars
00:00 / 00:00
photo : Vlad VDK
make up : Lila Vander Elst
hairdressing : Robert Smedt (Bob)

Thank you for giving me your attention, I really believe that I have everything to join your team : kindness, passion, professionalism, very very strong will, lot of imagination, youthfulness and some kind of magic sense. 

Hope to see you soon ! 

Manon / MAM


"Madame la Lune" was my friend and neighbour

"He promised me that when I'm an adult he will take me to space"

"My first meeting with Dirk Frimout in 1996"


"I have never stopped believing since that day that it was possible for me to go into space"

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Thank you Mr Dirk Frimout for supporting me and to believe in me!